Construction Disputes Resolution

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Recent dispute resolution neutral assignments include the following:

  • FIDIC appointed Member of 2 no. recent Romanian railways ad-hoc Dispute Adjudication Boards.
  • FIDIC appointed Mediator of Asian hotel construction services dispute.
  • IEI/Party appointed Conciliator of roads disputes of values €5.5m to €115m, all of which settled without recourse to arbitration or litigation.
  • Adjudicator of numerous UK construction disputes concerning contract interpretation, quantum, delay claims, termination, piling, dredging, subsidence and other technical issues,
  • Arbitrator of National House-Building Council dispute and numerous Arbitration Schemes disputes concerning the motor trade and the holiday travel industry
  • Civil & Structural Expert Witness on roads & retail centre disputes.
  • Neutral Evaluator in respect of a product safety Recall Notice dispute arising under the General Product Safety Regulations 2005.
  • Conciliator of multi-million euro sewerage scheme dispute.
  • Quantum Expert on UK harbour authority measured term contract dispute.