Construction Disputes Resolution

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I have knowledge and understanding of the following Contract Forms:

ACA: PPC2000, SPC2000, TPC2005, STPC2005
ACE: ICC, Lead Consultant Agreement A(1)
CC: DOM/1, DOM/2
CECA: ICC, Form of Subcontract, Design & Construct Form of Subcontract
FIDIC: Red, Red Sub, Pink, Yellow, Silver, Gold, White, Green and Dredging Contract Conditions;
ICE: Conditions of Contract 5th, 6th & 7th Editions, Design & Build Conditions and Minor Works Conditions
IChemE: Red, Green, Burgundy, Yellow, Brown, Silver, Orange & International Red, Green, Burgundy and Yellow Book Contract Conditions.
IDF: Public Works Contract 2007 (Ireland)
IEI: Conditions of Contract 2nd, 3rd & 4th Editions
JCT: SBC, SBCSub, DB, DBSub, IC, MW, MWD, MWSub, MTC, MPF03, SubMPF and Home Owner Contract Conditions
NEC3: E&C Contract, E&C Short Contract, E&C SubContract, Professional Services Contract Conditions
OGC: GC/Works/1, GC/Works/2 and GC/Works Subcontract Contract Conditions
RIAI: Agreement and Schedule of Conditions of Building Contract

I am also frequently called on to interpret and apply Bespoke Contracts.


(in alphabetical order):

Association of Consultant Architects

PPC: Project Partnering Contract
SPC: Specialist Partnering Contract
TPC: Term Partnering Contract
STPC: Specialist Term Partnering Contract
Association for Consultancy and Engineering

ICC: Infrastructure Construction Contract
Construction Confederation
Civil Engineering Contractors Association

ICC: Infrastructure Construction Contract
Fédération International des Ingénieurs-Conseils (International Federation of Consulting Engineers)

Red: Contract for Construction
RedSub: Subcontract for Construction
Pink: MDB Harmonised Contract for Construction
Yellow: Contract for Plant and Design-Build
Silver: Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects
Gold: Contract for Design, Build and Operate Contracts
White: Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement
Blue: Model Representative Agreement
Green: Short Form of Contract
Institution of Civil Engineers
Institution of Chemical Engineers

Red: Lump Sum Contract
Green: Reimbursable Contract
Burgundy: Target Cost Contract
Yellow: Subcontracts for use with Red, Green and Burgundy Main Contract Forms
Brown: Subcontract for Civil Engineering Works
Silver: Professional Services Agreement
Orange: Minor Works Contract
Irish Department of Finance
Institution of Engineers of Ireland (currently known as 'Engineers Ireland')
Joint Contracts Tribunal

SBC: Standard Building Contract
SBCSub: Standard Building Subcontract
DB: Design and Build Contract
DBSub: Design and Build Subcontract
IC: Intermediate Form of Contract
MW: Minor Works Contract
MWD: Minor Works Contract with Contractor's Design
MWSub: Minor Works Subcontract
MTC: Measured Term Contract
MPF: Major Projects Form Contract
SubMPF: Major Projects Form Subcontract
New Engineering Contract 3rd Edition

E&C: Engineering and Construction
Office of Government Commerce

GC/Works/1: Contract for Building & Civil Engineering Major Works
GC/Works/2: Contract for Building & Civil Engineering Minor Works
Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland